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Millions of people have had to settle with it, unless they decide to get their mods from the 3rd party sites. The Blizzard Updater for World of Warcraft is essentially a bittorrent clone, made to deliver only their content. However – they destroyed the concept of the program working by releasing their patches as a background download. This hurts all of their players rather than helping them to play faster.

The concept works for a few people, yes, only those with the 56kb/s connections. Come patch day, for those without the patch 100% downloaded, the people with the patch 100% downloaded will be playing the game with their updater turned off, therefor defeating the concept of using bittorrent as their delivery system. If everyone already has the client, and has the program turned off.. There is nobody sending the client!!! Fix your mistake Blizzard! Make them wait for patch day!


I have been thinking lately… In every great battle in the history of the world, there has been traitors and spies. In World of Warcraft, there are neither. What if I wanted to be a Horde, and fight on the Alliance side? What if I wanted to be, the Benedict Arnold of World of Warcraft?

The Horde and Alliance are stuck on one path in World of Warcraft (referred to from here on as WoW) which is to be that one faction. It’s not good versus evil, but it still changes how you have to play the game. The quests you can do, the cities you can enter without being killed, and the people that you can communicate with. If I was an Alliance, I could not speak to a Horde because the game changes what we say as if it was someone who spoke German talking to someone who talked Chinese and knew not a word of German.

This causes frustration and miscommunication within the game. There is no way to tell the other faction that you wish not to fight them. If I was a Horde, I should be able to build up my honor and respect towards the Alliance, and be allowed to roam their cities and outposts. I should be able to build up skills in the languages of the Alliance, and communicate with those players of the Alliance. Most of all though, with the new gained communication and honor for the Alliance, I should be able to fight along side them in Battlegrounds and Instances, and vice-versa.

However, there should also be a penalty to gaining honor and respect and then going to war with the faction. Like treason, and they should not be allowed to regain honor within the game for the Faction that they were at war with if they gained previous honor with them. For example, I am a Horde once again. I have built up my honor with the Alliance, and am respected and allowed to walk their cities. If I attack an Alliance character, or a character that is Honored with the Alliance, I should lose my honor or be punished for doing so.

I am curious to see how many people agree with me, because I feel that this truely is a good idea. Please comment with your thoughts, ideas or additions to the topic.


It seems that every so often the genre of games that are favored by the mass public changes. In 1992, Doom changed the way most people looked at games, quite literally too. The first person shooter was brought to the eye of the gamer, and it looked great. It actually put you in the game; you were the one shooting the demons.

Now, lets fast forward to today. The first person shooter no longer is the ultimate answer to gaming. Today, if you wan’t to play a first person shooter online, you constantly have to look for hackers and cheaters. The wall hack is one huge problem. It allows you to see, wire frame, through walls. Then, you have an auto aim hack. This always points to the opposing player’s head, no matter how far away, every shot is a head shot.

Multiplayer games seem like they are at an end. Until now. The age of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG for short) is amoung us. No longer is hacking possible. All character or player data is stored on a remote server somewhere on the other side of the world. So, in order to hack a character or items, instead of simply changing a few hex codes around, (Yes Blizzard, I am talking about your Diablo series mistake…) you would have to hack the official server to change it. This is the future. All games should, and will be like this. While F.E.A.R. is an incredible game, there is still that one flaw in multiplayer games without characters hosted on servers. While the hacks aren’t always there right at release, they will be out within that first month.

Soon, games like Planet Side will be everywhere. A MMORPG in a first person shell. Now, can you picture shooting out demons in Doom 3 with 2 million other players at the same time? I know I can. A few examples of this new technology are Hellgate: London and Twilight War, both are the new bread of games called XORPGs, or, Extreme Online Role Playing Games. You are in a role playing universe, but you still have the first person shooter elements in the game. Hellgate: London is the sequal to Blizzard’s ever popular Diablo 1 and 2, but made under the new studio of Ex-Blizzard employees, Flagship Studios. So basicly think, a Diablo MMORPG, in first person, with BFGs, and swords.

Twilight War takes the full on First Person Shooter genre into the MMORPG world. For example, you get the gun of all guns, the shotgun. You can shoot, jump, (Yeah Arena Net, that was your Guild Wars mistake…) swim, (Again Arena Net, I’m talking to you…) and still blow someone to bits.

So this is the future, and from what I’ve seen, I like it. But for now, I’ll stick with F.E.A.R., until 2007 that is, when Twilight War hits the streets. Oh, wait, did I mention Twilight War uses the Valve: Source engine? Enjoy.


Well, about two months ago I learned about Ubuntu ShipIt from Digg. Well, today I recieved my CDs. All 30 of them actually. I was so happy, to be honest, I almost died. Well, I took my CDs out, and and put them away, but not before giving a few away.

But eventually, about a hour ago, I decided to read the package in case I missed something. I did. A little letter to me on a sticker on the package. Here’s what it said:

To whom it may concern:

Cornonical Ltd. is a global organisation headquartered in the isle of Man commited to the development, distribution and promotion of open source software products, and to providing tools and support to the open source community.
One of Cornonical’s products in the Ubuntu Operating system. Ubuntu is developed as free and open source software and can be used, modified, and redistributed without permission and completely free of charge. As part of it’s promoting Ubuntu, Canonical Ltd. sends CDs completely free of charge through the mail to users who request them. The software on the CDs can also be downloaded at no cost throught our website.
The Ubuntu CDs in all shipments are distributed completely free of charge. For shipping purposes, we declare a 0.26 EUR value for each CD. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me personaly.

Benjamin Mako Hill
Community Development Coordinator

Now, can someone put this in Lamen’s terms for me? I read that thinking he was saying these were DISTRIBUTED free of charge? Then in the last paragraph he says he wants money for the shipping? Also, the website said they were free. No shipping. Now, it says they want $7 from me? I don’t understand these people. And do make this worse, I have a little sticker on here, and the only part I understand, is the parts that says “E”5.00 (5.00 EUR). the rest is in German or some other language. So, before you rush out and order your “free” CDs, make sure you have some money for shipping.

Now, since it said feel free to contact him…

The reponse (comment):

The CDs *are* free. Totally free. We \don’t charge anything. We do not recieve any money from CDs we’ve shipped to people.

By default, the CDs are shipped without any documentation as to the price of the CD. In some places, mostly in the developing world, customs officials stop the CDs and ask to see some sort of documentation on their *value* (not cost) because they usually charge some portion of the value in tax — regardless of how much was paid for them. It turns out that they simply won’t believe us if we say the CDs have no value or just a few cents. As a result, we declare a value of 0.26 for customs officials who ask because that seems to be the lowest number that works most of the time.

If you life in a country where customs stops your package and if they do not believe the “these CDs were sent completely free? line, you may be charged taxes based on the value of those CDs. We do not charge you for the CDs or the taxes. Your country’s government does. In reality, this only happens less than 1% of the time and almost never within the developed world. It is also very rare in orders of less than, say, 100.

Benjamin Mako Hill

So if you are sick of windows, give ShipIt a try. It take’s about a month for you to get them, but if you have a slow connection (or a lot of friends), it worth the wait.

Thank you Benjamin Mako Hill for the response, and I look forward to recieving the next version of Ubuntu.


I pronounce today: The Day of F.E.A.R.

Mark you’re calendars, today is the start to the official anual holiday “The Day of F.E.A.R.” So every year on this day, October 18th, 2005, skip school, take a personal day, or whatever you have to do to get a day alone with F.E.A.R.

For those of you who have been living under a rock lately, F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assult Recon) is a new action FPS that messes with your mind instead of you’re senses. While DooM and Half-Life and the other FPS out on the market challenged you to be afraid of monsters and aliens, F.E.A.R is a psycological thriller that instead of making you scream, it takes what everyone is afraid, mainly, the unknown.

Everytime you see something move, you’re constantly asking yourself, “What was that?” Or, “Was that real?” Or you’re simply flipping out in your head trying to figure it out. The secret to the game is mixing, the girl from The Ring, slow-mo Matrix-style fighting, and some melee fighting techniques. One main feature to mention would be the in-game cinematics add that slow-mo style so if you try to run, you find yourself moving nowhere fast.

For more info on F.E.A.R. pick up this months DVD Edition of PC Gamer, you can’t miss it, it has a picture of the girl from The Ring. The DVD Edition packs the F.E.A.R. single-player demo, and a free one month trial of Conquer, a new MMORPG.

So go out, and buy F.E.A.R. today.


And so I got my Golden Ticket. I have to thank Eric for it. I don’t know what exactly this is going to be for yet, but I’m trying to decide if I want this is be a project, or a blog. But whatever I choose, it is definatly worth checking my email non-stop. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Seven hours later… There it is.

Thank you Eric, and you won’t regret sending the invitation my way.